What is your brand's fundamental archetype?

There are tens of archetypes out there which could be you, but we've distilled these into the fundamental archetypes. Fundamental archetypes can represent a family of archetypes, as a family might share a surname. For example, the Sage can represent the Detective, Mentor, Shaman, and Translator. It won't be 100% accurate, but you'll get closer to discovering who your brand is.

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If your brand were a masked vigilante, what superpowers would you have?

Pick a non-fictional person that best represents your brand

Why do your customers believe in you and trust you?

Who are you to your customers?

Pick a fictional character which best represents your brand



Family members: Angel, Guardian, Healer, Samaritan

You have an unselfish concern and devotion to nurture and care for others. You serve, provide reassurance, advice, a listening ear, and an open heart to support the welfare of others.

You remain calm in a crisis, make friends with everyone, and radiate with optimism. As a brand, you dispute the conventional economic wisdom that self-interest reigns supreme. You are helping to build a world where people care for one another. To do so, you exude empathy, connection, and love.

Strengths: Altruism, Compassion, Patience, Empathy, Generosity

Challenges: Fear of instability, Overcompromise, Inability to say no,

Brands like you: Dove, The Honest Company, Johnson's Baby



Family members: Advocate, Everyman, Networker, Servant

A deeply instilled sense of personal integrity, fairness, equity, and responsibility to the community drives you. Your energy and optimism are balanced with pacing and pragmatism.

You see value in the collective and believe in the inherent good of human beings to contribute positively to society. You are at your best when you can rally the many to work towards a common and shared good.

Strengths: Good listener, Hard worker, Altruism, Accountability

Challenges: Apathy, Rebelliousness,

Brands like you: IKEA, Uniqlo, Kickstarter



Family members: Artist, Entrepreneur, Storyteller, Visionary

You are dedicated, hardworking, and achievement-oriented. You are at your best when you can express yourself creatively. You believe wholeheartedly in the creative process, and will quest for immortality through creative work.

For you, meaning in life is self-created. You innovate, invent, and reinterpret on your way to creating meaning.

Strengths: Creativity, Imagination, Nonconformity, Nonlinear thought

Challenges: Perfectionism, Fear of mediocrity and judgment

Brands like you: Disney, LEGO, Pinterest, Etsy, Dyson



Family members: Adventurer, Generalist, Pioneer, Seeker

The craving for new experiences motivates you. You would throw yourself into the unknown at the fear of boredom and entrapment. You quest for different perspectives and expanded horizons.

Your greatest delight is in an unexpected discovery. You are highly individualistic and your heart marches to the beat of a different drummer. You believe that self-understanding lies in discovering the reflected self in the external world.

Strengths: Independence, Bravery, Freedom, Self-sufficiency, Non-conformity

Challenges: Self-indulgence, Aimlessness, Alienation

Brands like you: Starbucks, Airbnb, JEEP



Family members: Athlete, Liberator, Rescuer, Warrior

The hero's journey is considered a universal story of the path from the ego and the self to a new identity. The Hero as an archetype resonates with almost every human being, and is most likely combined with another dominant archetype.

But channeling the Hero is powerful. You don't let the odds dissuade you from a belief in redemption. You believe self-sacrifice, strength, and courage, can triumph over anything. With willpower, transformation is possible.

Strengths: Self-sacrifice, Courage, Redemption, Transformation, Strength

Challenges: Delusions of Grandeur, Arrogance, Temptation of Power

Brands like you: Nike, RedBull, Adidas



Family members: Detective, Mentor, Shaman, Translator

Generous of spirit yet discerning, you share your wisdom with compassion to facilitate learning and growth in others. For you, thinking defines the human experience and truth is the ultimate goal.

You are motivated by independence which helps with objectivity but isolation remains a danger. You discover how new pieces fit into the whole, while deepening awareness and expanding one's understanding of reality.

Strengths: Wisdom, Intelligence, Clarity of thought, Rationality, Prudence,

Challenges: Fear of being duped or ignorance, Susceptibility to feeling disconnected, Dogmatic, Self-righteousness or arrogance, Lack of action



Family members: Clown, Entertainer, Provocateur, Shapeshifter

You live in the moment and lighten up the world. Yet you also hold its wisdom and the bravery to speak truth to power.

Yes, you are funny, but that's because you can bend perspectives, twist meanings and interpret events and people in surprising ways. That's right, beneath your hat with bells, you're a virtual Dr Strange.

You are the living embodiment of individual expression, ready to leap at any moment, and viewing the world as your playground.

Strengths: Wicked humour, Originality, Irreverence, Awareness

Challenges: Danger of being misunderstood, shunned, or considered a threat, Insolence, Temptation to be cruel



Family members: Companion, Hedonist, Matchmaker, Romantic

No one celebrates beauty, intimacy, and collaboration the way you do. You believe in an emotive response to the world which transcends time and excites the senses. You know that love reigns above all experiences.

You attract, give, and receive. The Lover is not just romantic, it is present in all relationships through the desire to connect. You are strengthened by passion and devotion to create bliss and unity.

Strengths: Faithfulness, Passionate sensuality, sexuality, and spirituality, Expansiveness, Vitality, Appreciation

Challenges: Obsession, Jealousy, Fear of being alone,

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