Take a Ride: 5 Fun Facts You Definitely Didn't Know About the Most Famous Bicycle Race in the World

You will never guess the crazy amount of calories that riders burn on the Tour De France.

Martin Kaff
Created by Martin Kaff
On Jun 27, 2021

The "Tour De France" is an annual bicycle race held in - you guessed it - France,  that brings together all the best cyclists from around the world. This year, we decided to celebrate this occasion with the craziest numbers and facts about the special event. Start peddling.

2,000 miles in 23 days

The 2021 Tour de France will be the 108th edition of the biggest sporting event in the world. The route for 2021 will be 2,102 miles in length, but the 1926 edition of the Tour de France was the longest route in history: cyclists biked a total of 3,570 miles. 

5,000 calories a stage

If you are interested in cutting your calorie consumption, the “Tour” might be something to consider. The average cyclist burns between 4,000-5,000 calories per stage. The “Tour” consist of 21 stages. You do the math of how much calories that adds up to (it’s about 105,000 Cal.).

Cheers! Or not?

While France is known for its love for alcohol, the consumption of beverages that contain alcohol were banned from the competition in 1960 after it was declared to be a stimulant. Beforehand, it was quite common to drink alcohol during the race to numb the pain. Ouch!

8 seconds apart

In 1989, the American cyclist Greg LeMond took 1st place in the race. However, his winning time was only 8 seconds faster than his colleague’s, the French cyclist Lauren Fignon. Well, that’s a bummer!


After years of preparations, investing money into the best equipment, bicycles and practice, the “Tour de France” actually has a pretty big prize to offer. The total prize money awarded for the race is no less than 4.3 million dollars.