Who Won a Gold Medal at Tokyo 2020 (in 2021), and Who Didn't?

Most people can't name the gold medalists from this year's Olympics. Can you?

Martin Kaff
Created by Martin Kaff
On Aug 16, 2021

With the 2021 Tokyo Olympics wrapping up, many countries left proud that they were able to take home their first medals in all manner of sports, from skateboarding to table tennis to shooting and archery.

No matter the political statements or the COVID restrictions, so many athletes from around the world got to experience the unique feeling of winning an Olympic Gold medal.

But can you name any of the winners? Let's find out...

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Which one of these athletes won the gold medal for...

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Women's Singles Tennis

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Men's Fencing

3 / 8

Heavyweight Boxing

4 / 8

Women's Trampoline Gymnastics

5 / 8

Men's Floor Exercise (Gymnastics)

6 / 8

Park Skateboarding

7 / 8

Men's Table Tennis Singles

8 / 8

Artistic Swimming Duet

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