Has This Celebrity Ever Met With The Queen?

They may be royalty from Hollywood, but not all have met with a true Queen.

Martin Kaff
Created by Martin Kaff
On Jun 28, 2021

President Joe Biden recently met with Queen Elizabeth II of England, making him the 13th US president to meet with her since she became the monarch. Elizabeth is now the longest-reigning queen or king in the history of the UK... wow!

Although she may not seem like it, the Queen does keep up on who's cool and being talked about, and meets with a select few who she deems worthy.

Can you guess which of these celebrities has met with the Queen, and which have not?emoji

Did the Queen meet with...

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Kim Kardashian

2 / 8

Miley Cyrus

3 / 8

Rudy Giuliani

4 / 8

John Oliver

5 / 8

Lady Gaga

6 / 8

Lebron James

7 / 8

Pete Buttigieg

8 / 8

Angelina Jolie

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