Are You Smarter Than a High School Student?

Whether you are preparing for the test or just in college, test what your SAT score would be if you took it today.

Martin Kaff
Created by Martin Kaff
On May 11, 2021

The test of all tests. The one that will determine which collage you can attend. The test that every high school senior is afraid of, and every college student is eager to forget - the SAT.

Right before the summer starts, we are here to test your knowledge and see - would you pass the SAT if you took it now?

What score would YOU get on the SAT?

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( x - 1 ) / 3 = k What is x if k = 3 ?

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An online bookstore sells novels and magazines. Each novel sells for $4, and each magazine sells for $1. If Sadie purchased a total of 11 novels and magazines that have a combined selling price of $20, how many novels did she purchase?

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How do you calculate the circumference (perimiter) of a circle?

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"The transportation planner's job, might involve conducting a traffic count."
Which correction is needed for the underlined portion?

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"When one of these changes occur, it is likely the result of careful analysis."
Which correction is needed for the underlined portion?

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