No Way You Can Pronounce These French Words

Let's see which words you remember from your high school French class. And no, "bonjour" is not one of them.

Martin Kaff
Created by Martin Kaff
On Jun 9, 2021


Although the pandemic has prevented millions of tourists from traveling to the city of romance to enjoy the best croissants and baguettes on the edge of the Seine or marveling at the Eiffel tower, there is one thing we do not miss about the French: pronouncing their words.

Between "bonjour" and "ratatouille," this language simply makes no sense. So, before your next trip to Pah-ree (Paris, in English), we have gathered some of the most ridiculous French words for you to brush up.

You're welcome, Emily!

1 - Pamplemousse

2 - Caouchouc

3 - Bricolage

4 - Saperlipopette

5 - Loufoque

6 - Grelotter

7 - Myrtille

8 - Citrouille

9 - Floraison

10 - Serrurerie