Only Brilliant People Can Solve These Math Questions

This math quiz is a whole new level of hard. Let’s see if you can nail it.

Martin Kaff
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On May 30, 2021

It may have been a long while since you sat in math class, but with this new quiz you’ll know how much from those days is still in your head. Are you up to it? Go for it!

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There are red and yellow apples in a bowl. The red apples are ⅖ of the total amount of apples in the bowl.
What can the total number of apples in the bowl be?

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A new basketball coach can coach 5 players in two hours. An experienced basketball coach can coach 12 in an hour.
How many players can both of them coach in 6 hours?

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Sam and Ashley are walking from Sam’s place to Ashley’s. Sam is walking 11 mph and Ashely is walking 16 feet per second. 
Who will get there first?

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If "a" and "b" are positive integers, what could "a" be?

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Hannah had N cats. She gave each cat N treats. How many treats did Hannah give to her cats?

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Jim builds a robot that transforms odd numbers into even numbers. But it can only do 3 things:
a. Multiply by 2
b. Power 3
c. Subtract by 1
In what order of operation should the robot work to transform any integer into an even number?

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A school only accepts students who graduated from a prep program and have never failed any class. There were 500 students in the prep program. 360 graduated and 275 have never failed any class.
How many students will be accepted?

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