The Quack Doctor/Blogger Quiz

How well do you really know the bullshit spouted by anti-science doctors and bloggers like Mark Hyman, Vani Hari, Dr. Mercola, et al? Take this quick quiz from the Bad Science Debunked blog and find out!

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Which doctor sells this supplement, laced with Caramel Level IV coloring, which he himself claims causes cancer?

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Of all the products the Food Babe has sold, how many so far have been found to contain ingredients she herself claims to be toxic?

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Which "mommy blogger" gave advice on cleaning a home "the natural way", but had her house condemned because of a severe mold outbreak?

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What astronomical error(s) did televangelist John Hagee make in his "Blood Moon" eclipse prophecies?

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David Avocado Wolfe offered which piece of scientific "wisdom"?

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Food Babe earns a sales commission on children's fingernail polish that contains which ingredient she disdains?

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"Doctor" Josh Axe sells this vitamin supplement that contains a compound he vehemently links to cancer. What is that compound?

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Dr. Joseph Mercola campaigns against the use of pesticides. Ironically, which organic pesticide is found in his Mercola brand facial cleanser?

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Speaking of Dr. Mercola, which toxic metals, that he preaches cannot be easily removed from the body when ingested, are listed as ingredients in his Pink Himalayan Salt?

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What is the active ingredient in Oscillococcinum, a homeopathic flu remedy?

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The endangered species Discus macclintocki (a snail) can live in only a small region around Iowa in the USA. Travelling at approximately 0.013 meters per second, how long would it have taken for a pair of snails to crawl to Iowa from Mt. Ararat after disembarking Noah's Ark after a global flood?

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What's the major contradiction in Vani Hari (the "Food Babe") selling this brand of hand sanitizer?

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What could be a possible motivation for the organic food industry's push to require labeling of GMO products?

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Which ridiculous, FALSE claim did Modern Alternative Mama *NOT* make in her shameful "Vaccine Injury Awareness Month" campaign against vaccines?

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Campaigning passionately against a certain preservative, Vani Hari openly sold it for nearly three years in a product that had it clearly noted on the exterior label. What was the preservative?

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"Doctor" Josh Axe uses bentonite clay and recommends it on his web site, earning a sales commission in the process. What's the problem with this?

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Which infamous science illiterate made a hilarious sales pitch for the "right kind of hydrogen"--not the explosive kind?

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(Vani Hari) The Food Babe claims to allow dissent, but the reality is that anyone who disagrees with her is apparently censored and banned. As of June 2016, the Facebook group "Banned by Food Babe" had approximately how many members, kicked to the curb by Vani?

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Dr. Joseph Mercola brand Power Bars include a sweetener that he warns his followers to avoid because it can be an "intentionally or deceptively labeled source of fructose". What is the ingredient he's selling against his own advice?

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Which popular "natural health site" publishes stories postulating that governments are controlling populations by poisoning food, and life on Mars was wiped out by advanced aliens using nuclear weapons?

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Dr. Vandana Shiva often ridicules opponents in GMO debates as unqualified to comment because of a lack of relevant scientific education. In what field did "GMO expert" Shiva earn her PhD?

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What's the major irony in David Avocado Wolfe selling a "Zapper" that shocks the user with up to 12 volts?

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While we're on the subject of zappers... these devices are based on the work of the quack Hulda Clark, who wrote the book "The Cure for All Diseases". How did Clark die?

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A McDonald's hamburger, cut in half, one slice left in a bag with moisture... yes, it does spoil, despite the ridiculous myths about preservatives. Why didn't the slice on the right go bad?

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Vani Hari's favorite deodorant contains an element that she links to Alzheimer's and cancer. She's warned her followers to throw out all deodorants that contain this element, yet she earns a sales commission from selling it, and has been doing so for many years. What's the element and the name of the product?

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Facebook Mommy Blogger "Naturally Nicole" sells a natural remedy whose berries are safe to eat (but not shown to be medicinal) but other parts of the plant are rumored to be poisonous. What's the plant?

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(Freebie) The major logic problem with this "GMO Free USA" meme is:

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Illiterate fear mongers like Mike Adams often talk about crops being "drenched" in glyphosate, and blatantly lie about its effects on animals. Aside from the fact that glyphosate doesn't cause any of the deformations Adams claims in this hilarious post, in reality, approximately how much of this herbicide would it take to cover an entire acre of crops?

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"Holistic psychiatrist" Kelly Brogan once posted a false claim that a major organization supported claims that vaccinations in Africa were being used as a means of birth control. Which organization did she name?

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Which of these theories was *NOT* proposed by Erin of Health Nut News?

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