What Kind Of First Impression Do You Make?

Basically, the vibe people get from you when they meet you!

Marjana Murja
Created By Marjana Murja
On Dec 4, 2016

When you meet a new group of people, you're the very first one to introduce yourself to them! True or False?

You're chilling with your pals outside school, and your all laughing and having a great time. You look over and see this little girl cuddled up in a corner, crying. What do you do?

The new girl walks to you, asking for help. You:

You're in Geography class and your teacher calls on you to answer the question. What do you say?

Your an expert at math and your math teacher asks you if you can tutor someone in your class after school every Monday @ 2:30 pm. What do you say?

Where do you sit in all your classes?

You were supposed to meet up with your boyfriend at lunch. You can't find him anywhere, so you go outside and find him on the track. You do what?

Your BFF introduces you to her Mom. What do you do?

Think about the group of friends you have right now. How long have you known them? * Think hard, this effects answer! *

When you go to a new place, what do you wear?

You're Really Friendly!

You're Really Friendly!

People love talking to you because you're so sweet and down to earth. You're nice to everyone you meet and you just want everyone around you to be happy. You'd greet someone with a nice handshake and a huge hug! Tip: Surround yourself with buds so that way you have a better chance of making more friends through they're friends! That's just the kind of person you are. (y) Congrats! :D p.s. I really hope you liked this quiz! please comment, rate, or follow. Thanks!

You're Quite Shy!

You're Quite Shy!

When people first meet you, they're not sure what to think of you. They think you're really shy and you find it hard to open up. And that's fine! This also creatures a mystery and people wanna get to know you better. Your super chill but you only feel comfortable doing things you find safe. Tip: If you feel like you can't handle a situation, grab your pals and keep them close to you. It will make you feel more relaxed and you'll be happier! :D P.s. I really hope you liked your result & my quiz! Plz follow, comment, & rate if you can! Thanks so much! :)

You're Outgoing!

You're Outgoing!

As soon as you walk into a room, people sense your happiness and are instantly drawn to you! You're not afraid to be YOU, which is a great thing :) You're very hyper and love to have fun and you have such a positive energy that everyone around you loves! (y) Tip: Try not to be too outgoing, because then nobody else will get any attention.