9 Ways To Make An Everyday Meal Look Fabulous

Challenge your inner chef and learn 9 easy hacks to make your meals look like a masterpiece.

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First of all: set the table properly

Because there's nothing better than having knifes and forks in the right places.


The odder the better

Placing food in even numbers looks strange on a plate. Always put 3 or 5 pieces of food on a plate, as opposed to 2 or 4.


Keep it simple, limit the portion size

Fill only two thirds of the plate with food. This will create contrast with the empty part of the plate.


Use a white backdrop

Everything looks better using a white backdrop. Use a bright white plate and your food will really stand out. The colors will seem more vibrant and everything will be more appealing.


Use an unusual backdrop

Be different, be creative.


Play with height (but not too much)

Creating height with foods can make look your dish more interesting, but make sure to keep it simple and not create a tower.


It’s all about proportions and following your instincts.

Use sauces, sprouts, and other kinds of garnishes to frame the focal food and remember: make sure the garnishes you use harmonize with the focal food.


Create colour and texture contrast

Because there's nothing better than having a combination of soft and crunchy colourful foods on a plate.


Create asymmetry

Just like a person's face, asymmetry will make your dish more visually interesting.

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