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mariam jgushia
Created By mariam jgushia
On Sep 2, 2015

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Best Instagram accounts

Best Instagram accounts


You are a total-addict of instagram! Only if you had a perfect camera. This story is telling you about what all the best instagram accounts are. Plus you can comment what kind of account you wanna see and wait for it in the next chapter.

Journal of a teenage 'drama queen'

Journal of a teenage 'drama queen'


You are an adventure-seeker, and kind of a rebel. You state what you think and don't fear what others may think. You'll have an young spirit and mind forever. go you! This story is about real life and real thoughts! Go check it our right now!

Mockingjay (Parallel World)

Mockingjay (Parallel World)


Have you watched or read Hunger Games? of course, you have! You love a little drama, but you may be a little naive for your age. Whatsoever you're a special one and you're amazing. This story is a little bit of a mess but only special ones understannnndddd it!!!