What Is Your Parenting Style? Take The Quiz!

Every parent is unique with their own way of raising their children. While some take the path of being too protective, others follow the method of ‘spare the rod, and spoil the child’. What is your parenting style, and what impact will it have on your children? Take the quiz and find out!

Created by Marhababy
On Apr 10, 2016

Your kid hits another child at the playground for trying to steal his toy. You would..

Your daughter is delaying bedtime because she wants to have a cookie. You..

Your son disrespects you in front of family or friends. What do you do or say?

You have an important call from work and the kids are running around making mess and loud noise. You...

Your child is furious over homework. He has low grades and a make-up test tomorrow so he needs to make it up. It is getting late and he is having a tantrum. What do you do?

How much do you agree with this phrase: I would rather give in to my child's desires than to get into an argument and have them be mad at me.

Your teenage daughter has spent an entire school night chatting with friends online and surfing the net. What do you do?

How much influence do you have on what clothes or outfit your daughter wears?

What do you do when your child has become friends with a new kid that you do not know?

For you, the main goal of parenting and discipline is to:

Responsive parent

Responsive parent

You are a responsive parent who want to foster traits of open communication, boundaries, maturity and the necessary social skills for healthy relationships for your child.

* You hold high standards and expectations for your child, while also being empathic and kind.

* You like to structure your child’s environment with consistency, follow-through, and clearly communicated potential consequences regarding homework, meal time and bed time.

* When your child breaks the rules, they are disciplined in a fair and consistent manner, because you want them to learn, and not just obey.

* You are a great listener to your child, and love to encourage their independence while still placing limits.

* Children who are raised this way tend to develop good social skills, have good emotional control, happier dispositions and are normally self-confident.

Keep up the good work, you are doing a great job mommy!

Uninvolved parent

Uninvolved parent

You show a tendency towards uninvolved parenting.

Uninvolved parents:
* Are emotionally distant from their children
* Offer little or no supervision
* Show little warmth, love, and affection towards their children
* Have few or no expectations or demands for behavior
* Don't attend school events and parent-teacher conferences
* May intentionally avoid their children
* Are often too overwhelmed by their own problems to deal with their children

You might be finding yourself preferring to be in places other than with your children. You are not very aware of other people in your child’s life like their friends. You tend to keep yourself distant from being involved with solving problems you think they can handle themselves, while neglecting the fact that they might need guidance.

Children raised by uninvolved parents:

* Must learn to provide for themselves
* Fear becoming dependent on other people
* Are often emotionally withdrawn
* Tend to exhibit more delinquency during adolescence
* Feel fear, anxiety, or stress due to the lack of family support
* Have an increased risk of substance abuse

Do you know why you prefer to not be too involved with your child?
Parents who exhibit an uninvolved parenting style were often themselves raised by uninvolved and dismissive parents. As adults, they may find themselves repeating the same patterns they were raised with. Other parents who display this style may simply be so caught up in their busy lives that they find it easier to take a hands-off approach to dealing with their children.

You might want to consider spending more time with your children, and engage more with them. You will be surprised how much you will discover.

Permissive parent

Permissive parent

You are a permissive parent who is very lenient with your kids, and tend to stay away from teaching them rules or create a consistent structure for raising your children.

Permissive parents:

* Have few rules or standards of behavior
* When there are rules, they are often very inconsistent
* Are usually very nurturing and loving towards their kids
* Often seem more like a friend, rather than a parent.
* May use bribery such as toys, gifts and food as a means to get child to behave

Children raised by permissive parents:

* Lack self-discipline
* Sometimes have poor social skills
* May be self-involved and demanding
* May feel insecure due to the lack of boundaries and guidance

While you are an extremely loving and caring parent, you might want to consider being a bit stricter with your children. Setting boundaries and teaching rules can never be harmful to them; it will actually allow them to develop better personalities in the future.