How much do you know about the Clasico? Part II

Test your knowledge about the world's biggest club fixture.

On Dec 2, 2016
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Which referee has taken charge of most El Clasico matches?

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Which player has been sent off most times in LaLiga Clasicos?

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Who was the first player to score a hat-trick in a LaLiga Clasico?

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In which season was there the biggest difference in league position going into a Clasico? (there are some fake answers)

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Who is the oldest player to have taken part in a Clasico?

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Who is the youngest player to score in El Clasico in LaLiga?

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Which player has scored most penalties in the Clasico in LaLiga?

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What is the biggest El Clasico win in LaLiga?

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Which coach has taken charge of most LaLiga Clasicos?

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How many players have scored in a LaLiga Clasico for both teams?

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