Are you more like Dan or Phil?

Take this quiz to see if you're more like Dan or Phil., both quite different. Are you a drama llama or a nice cuddly lion? We shall see...

Created By Sirenite
On May 11, 2017

Morning person or night owl?

Llamas or lions?

Light or dark?

Are you socially awkward?

How do you like to spend your time?

Favorite color?

Which is your favorite season?

Opinions on anime and Harry Potter?

Someone you care about is insulted by someone else,what do you do?

what are you most afraid of?

what is your outlook on life?

what's your favorite kind of food variety?

Totoro or Pikachu?

Finally, are you a duck?

You got Dan!

You got Dan!

Ponders deep thoughts, procrastinates and loves dark shades. Disappears online to browse or watch anime into his browsing position where he stays. He prefers llamas. Yup, it's Dan in a nutshell.

You got Phil ^-^

You got Phil ^-^

The nicest, palest smol bean that was ever seen, but loves lions and bright colors that aren't obsene. The cereal muncher who's clumsy and messy and tries his best not to swear, that's how Phil takes care.