Museums Can Now Come Alive Thanks To This Artists Revolutionary Work

You need an iPad to fully see it.

Maleb Corriss
Created by Maleb Corriss
On Jan 11, 2016

Yunuen Esparza is a Bored Panda user and an artist that has recently decided to use augmented reality in her work. We discovered her post on Bored Panda and had to share it. You can see the original post here:


She was originally inspired by a scene in the movie "Minority Report" in which a cereal box comes to life with moving images and sounds.


Luckily, her husband is a software engineer and after some experimenting she was able to see her vision realized.


It isn't all fun and games however. It takes her 30 to 45 days to finish a single piece.


We think her work is incredible and we hope it catches on. You can check out Yunuen's art here:

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