Tell Us How Do You Play "The Sims" And We'll Reveal How You'll Die

Will your refrigerator disappear and you'll starve to death? Will you swim in the pool and won't be able to get out of the water? Or you will be burnt alive by a fire? Let's find out! Sul Sul!

Madeline Mackenzie
Created by Madeline Mackenzie
On Sep 14, 2017

Which version do you play?

When you create a sim, what are you focusing on?

Have you ever created a sim version of yourself?

Have you ever created a sim version of people you know?

Do you build your own houses, or playing with the existing?

What's your favorite part? Furnish or build the house?

Do you use the cheats codes?

How often do you play the game?

Have you ever killed one of your sims on purpose?

How many times did Mortimer Goth come to visit your sims?

Did you ever create a haunted house?

What is the highest level you have reached in your sim's career?

A fire will burn you!

A fire will burn you!

It doesn't matter if there is a fire alarm, and even if the firefighter arrives and tries to save your life. It will end with the Angel of Death!

You will die of starvation!

You will die of starvation!

Someone took all the refrigerators of the world! No food left behind! You won't be able to leave the house and starve until the Angel of Death arrives!

You'll drown to death!

You'll drown to death!

You swim in the pool, and when you finally want to get out of it - you can't !! The Angel of Death will come and take your poor soul with him!

You'll die of embarrassment

You'll die of embarrassment

Embarrassing social events will happen to you in a sequence, and you will no longer be able to withstand the shame that will overwhelm you. It doesn't matter if you pray to the angel of death, it will not allow you to continue living! Muahahaha!