Are you a Daddy's girl? Or Mommy's girl?

Do you have a stronger connection with your mother or your father? Take this quiz and find out!

Maddy Boone
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On Nov 6, 2015

Who will most likely volunteer to be your chaperon at a school dance?

Who's there for you when you get scared?

Who doesn't mind you growing up?

Who will most likely be there to help you get through emotional pain/worry?

Who taught you how to read?

Who decided it was time for you to get your first cell phone?

Who let you wear make-up for fun as a child

Mommy's Girl!

Mommy's Girl!

You're a Mommy's girl! You and your mother share a close bond and are like best friends! You can talk to her about anything and she'll never judge! You enjoy going out with your mom every now and then or watching some movies together on a Sunday night.

Daddy's Girl!

Daddy's Girl!

You're a Daddy's girl! You and your father enjoy doing things like fishing and talking. Basically, anything that doesn't involve being lazy. Your dad is like a big brother to you, and will always protect you from harm. He's watched you grow over the years and does everything in his power to try and stop his baby girl from getting any older. He still loves you though!

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