Are You A Martian?

The ultimate Mars quiz will test your Martian mettle!

Madame Mars
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On Sep 1, 2016
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What does the "seven minutes of terror" refer to?

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Who invented Martians?

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If you lived on Mars, which of the following would NOT be true?

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Where could you go sightseeing on Mars?

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You are preparing dinner for the first exploration team on Mars. What could you serve WITHOUT having to fake some ingredients?

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If you step outside on Mars without wearing a spacesuit, which of these would kill you WORST and FIRST?

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Martian weather currently produces all the following EXCEPT:

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You're part way to Mars when you get homesick. Which one of these options would be IMPOSSIBLE?

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If you can't actually go to Mars, where are you most likely to find a Mars-like environment on Earth?

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The best evidence that we're ALREADY Martians comes from:

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