What Powers Your Psychic Energy?

How powerful is your psychic energy! Do you feel in control of it and what it represents?

Created By Lp1987
On Sep 22, 2018

What element represents your intuition?

How often do you listen to your inner flow?

How is your energy radiating?

What do you feel energises you?

If you could be a feeling what shape would it be?

If your energy is low, how do you power it?

What kind of moon inspires you?

Whenever you feel confused, what gives you insight?

Do you ever feel in charge of your destiny?

Where is this spiral leading you?

Vibrating Souls

Vibrating Souls

You are powered by other human beings that are around you! One does not realise how the energy that people radiate affects your energy control but you do! You know that you need to vibrate and dance off other souls and this is what gives you your psychic and intuitive energy.

Kinetic Movement

Kinetic Movement

You are fuelled by movement and whether it be dancing, moving freely or jumping to the beat of the drum you need to move to be in touch with your psychic powers. When you are physical you are fully in tune and this is when your creative flow really stands out!

Light and Darkness

Light and Darkness

Your psychic energy is reactive to light and shade. However you feel it makes you jump and you know that you need to encounter both forces to be able to think and creatively flow and listen to your intuition. If everything is too positive you doubt yourself and look for the shade to find the perfect balance.