What Kind Of Jungle Behaviour Do You Represent?

If you could represent any kind of jungle creature, what would it be? Do you sit on the branches like tropical birds or glide along the floor like serpents?

Created By Lp1987
On Sep 22, 2018

Where would you like to walk aimlessley in the jungle?

In the jungle, how would you socialise?

If you were taking a moment to think in the jungle, what would be your poise?

How would you spend your evenings?

When courting what would be your method?

What is your main purpose in life?

Where would you hibernate in the winter?

How do you survive in your habitat?

How friendly are you in the wilderness?

What word describes you in a nutshell?

Tropical Bird

Tropical Bird

You are a tropical bird who sits high on the branches of life and flutters around the tropical trees. You like to keep your feet off the ground and observe the wilderness below. You stay out of the madness and chirps around life tweeting your jungle tunes. Bold and beautiful you are a free spirit of the wild.



You are an amphibian in the jungle wilderness. You love to stay low and keep to yourself in the marshes. People try and get close to you but you really stick to your own species. You like to stay in the wetlands and hop around on your own. When it it time to step into the wilderness you do so but at your own pace.

Cat of Prey

Cat of Prey

You are a wild tiger in the jungle and love being the centre of attention. You are bold and direct and this is what makes you the strongest animal in the jungle. You walk confidently through the world and know that you will let nothing stand in your way.