What Kind Of Handsome Are You?

Have you ever thought about what kind of handsome you are? Try this quiz and let us surprise you!

Created By Lp1987
On Aug 17, 2018

What do you most like about yourself?

What kind of detail do you pay attention to about yourself?

Who do you consider handsome?

Is handsome a term that is heteronormative?

What do you find most attractive on a date?

What makes you feel good about yourself?

What animal do you consider the most handsome?

Where does beauty lie?

What habit turns you off?

How well do you treat yourself?

Heartly Handsome

Heartly Handsome

You are a soft soul and are of the hearty and handsome kind. You have a big heart and believe in handsome a word that comes from within. You believe that everyone can be handsome in their own way. You look to people's souls to feel a connection and you feel your best when you are being true to your heart.

Heavenly Handsome

Heavenly Handsome

There is another level to your being and you are a type of handsome that lives above the clouds. You never judge a book by its cover and you are always trying to connect to people on a spiritual level. You are heavenly handsome and the gods can clearly see this!

Hedonistically Handsome

Hedonistically Handsome

You are hedonistically handsome and just like a magpie you love everything that sparkles and shines. You are attracted to life's greatest pleasures and you will always make sure you look great and everyone around you is as handsome as possible with mind, body and soul.