What Does Your Hair Say About Your Personality?

Does your hair reflect who you are as a person and what you represent and feel in life?

Created By Lp1987
On Oct 16, 2018

When you wake up, how long does it take you to style your hair?

Would you say your personality can come across as dry, witty or blunt?

Do you feel people judge you on your hair?

When you are feeling at your best, what is your hair communicating?

If you had to choose one type of personality trait to describe you, what would it be?

What kind of hair do most of your friends have?

When you are angry, how do you express it?

When exercising how do you let your hair talk?

How happy are you with your looks?

When working, what kind of role do you take in the job?



You are a curly locks and your personality reflects your curls. People might call you outgoing or spontaneous but it only because your hair radiates these waves and vibrations. You might find life a little overwhelming and you can't control it like your locks but there is always guaranteed fun due to your crazy fly away curls.



Your wavy and luscious locks radiate a bounce in your life. You can tame your hair just like your personality but you can also let it go wild when you want. People don't know which way you are going to turn but that is all part of the fun with your wavy personality.



Your beautiful sleek and sassy straight locks are definitive of your personality and prove that you know how to get exactly what you want but also be serious in the situations when most needed. Your hair can fool people as people might think you are serious but you know how to really create some shapes in those locks and on the dance floor.