To Be Or Not To Be... That Is The Question!

What kind of person are you? Are you an opportunist and seeks all opportunities and people or are you someone that prefers to stick to your comforts and habits?

Created By Lp1987
On Oct 31, 2018

If you had to step into the unknown would you step?

Do you like to engage in extreme sports?

How frightened are you of heights?

If someone offers you a new opportunity, do you take it?

You are offered a job on the other side of the world, do you take it?

Are you a creature of comfort?

Would you swim in this shark-infested water?

The path is unknown, do you keep walking?

You cannot see the top, do you keep climbing?

Would you swim into these unknown waters?

To Be

To Be

You are a 100% opportunist and life simply takes you by its stride. You are definitely a yes person and you see every new opportunity as a new door that can be opened. When you be, you never know where it will take you so keep following that open road.

Not To Be

Not To Be

You are definitely a creature of comfort and you love to stay calm and stable in your own world. You don't mind stepping outside of the box but you prefer to stick to your guns and what you really no. You know what you like and want so why change that.