Night or Day? What Moment Are You?

What Part Of The Day Fits Better With Your Personality?

Created By Lp1987
On Aug 7, 2018

On a normal weekday, what time do you wake up?

What do you prefer, an early shift or one in the afternoon?

What is your favourite plan for a regular weekend?

What's a proper drink for 7:00 AM?

What is the perfect food for the morning?

At what time do you feel more energetic?

In your pastlife you were most likely...

Your ideal birthday party would be...

Your favourite colour is...

Which is your favourite music genre?



You enjoy daily activities in the light and all of its benefits. The best hours to be active for you are probably in the morning after a coffee and a routine of exercise. You prefer to have the night for sleep and rest to keep your energy for the next day. This style of life makes you much more productive and healthy meaning you are constantly a ray of sunshine.



You are totally a night person. You don't just enjoy the darkness but maybe also the light that comes from the shadows, because everything looks better at night right? It is also your most creative and active moment, when you can focus the most and develop your ideas. Take advantage of the dark nights but don´t forget to leave a little bit for the day and get your vitamins from the sun.