How Gemini Are You?

Are you a birth born gemini or are you actually more similar to your ascending star sign? Let's take the test and see!

Created by Lp1987
On Apr 4, 2016

First off, were you born between May 22-June 21 June?

Which idea best describes your personality?

You believe that there's two sides to everything?

What is your ideal date?

You love to learn, but you tend to not study any one subject too deeply.

In life are you...

Which word describes you?

When you talk, do you tend to use your hands a lot - and interrupt others?

Which word are you drawn to?

When you were a kid, how did you get your way?

100% Gemini

100% Gemini

You are 100%, no doubt about it, a fully fledged Gemini. You are brimming with energy and vitality and are very intelligent and charismatic. You can adapt to the world around you and you are always curious to know what is going on. You want to be involved in every single project possible and communication is your strength because, out of all of the astrological signs, Geminis are the ultimate social butterflies.
Routine and boredom are Geminis biggest fears. You'd rather be naive than know the depressing truth, because you don't want anything putting a dampener on your freedom or positive energy.

You are not Gemini at heart

You are not Gemini at heart

Unfortunately you are not a gemini at heart. You are most probably linked to your ascending astrological sign which you can discover online. Don't worry though, Geminis are one of the most complex and complicated star signs, so you are better off being linked to your ascendent star sign rather than being committed to a lifetime of Geminial indecision.

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