How Healthy Is Your Lifestyle? This Simple Questions About Your Day To Day Life Will Tell Us.

You have to be honest about this!

Created by Lp1987
On Jul 8, 2018

I avoid sugar excess

How regularly do you exercise ?

Do you avoid excess fat?

How salty is your food?

How many hours do you regularly sleep?

How often do you do check-up exam?

Do you smoke?

Is it your weight within the normal range for your age and height?

How are your eating habits?

Are you satisfied with your relationships and social life?

A healthy living!

A healthy living!

For your answers, we can tell that you have a very healthy lifestyle! You should feel proud of it. It is hard to keep the rhythm of this modern life and eat and exercise well, have good habits and a social life that also fulfill your soul. Keep up the hard work and the healthy eating!

Just in the middle

Just in the middle

You have some healthy habits and some not so healthy ones. That is not bad at all, it is good to have some balance in life and not only eat well and exercise every day but also enjoy the finer details. Joy has to be taken with responsibility so with the years we have to learn to adapt our habits and listen to our bodies. You are doing a good job!

Time to change your habits!

Time to change your habits!

We are sorry to tell you this but these are not very good results. It seems that you are not taking care of some aspects of your life, or maybe you are enjoying other lifestyle habits a little too much. It is hard to say. Eat better, exercise more and start changing some unhealthy behaviour. It is never too late to start to get going!

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