Food Lover? Can You Identify These Strange Ingredients?

Only a real food expert knows all the ingredients in this test!

Created By Lp1987
On Jun 14, 2018

This one starts with D... and is an perfect alternative to zucchini

In Singapore it’s illegal to open this bumpy fruit in public places...

This spice mixture is typical of Ethiopia. Includes chili peppers, ginger, basil, korarima and garlic... among others

Is also called Mexican turnip....

With this one, you can prepare a Beerkaya Pachadi, a Jhinge Chingri Posto or a delicious Turai ki Sabzi

This one is from India but was introduced in China into China in the 14th century

This ingredient gives that distinct flowery flavour to Mediterranean and Indian desserts

This unexpected one is being used to create beautifully seasonal cocktails

This one comes from Venice....

..and this one is cultivated in France and is a cornerstone of Basque cuisine.



Congratulations! Your knowledge of the art of cooking gives you the level of Master Chef! No one ever went that far. We are sure you will never confuse coriander and parsley. You know the best restaurants and what to order in every one of them. Keep enjoying your exquisite palate!

Home cook

Home cook

You missed the hard ones. No one would blame you for that! You really enjoy cooking and want to learn and be better all the time. You need to practice and read more about world cuisine, there are more ingredients that the ones we are used to, and that was what this test was about. You can start with that old book from your grandmother.

Fast food Expert

Fast food Expert

If you really want to learn how to cook we don´t want to demotivate you. But you have to do it fast! With your actual knowledge is better that you don´t even try to fry some eggs. Or at least don´t invite anyone to try them :) Is a joke. It just takes time and practice to learn!