Do Your Eating Habits Reflect Your Surroundings?

You are what you eat but how do your eating habits reflect who you are and the lifestyle you are living?

Created by Lp1987
On Aug 16, 2018

You are late for work what do you grab for brekkie?

You have a friend's birthday party and want to contribute something fun and tasty, what do you go for?

If you were dinging in your fridge for a midnight snack, what would your belly crave?

You are out on a hot summers day, what cold treat tickles your fancy?

It is brunch time and you have time to cook up a feast for once, what is on the agenda?

You are at a snack table at a house party, what are you munching on?

You have stayed late at work, how do you go about ordering your dinner?

Oranges represent...

It is snack time in the office and there are sweets galore, what tempts you?

Green is...

It is snack time on the run, what goes on your knife to butter on your bread?

You have had a long day and just got back from the gym what do you munch?

Chocolate Addict

Chocolate Addict

Your lifestyle is definitely reflecting one of all life's pleasures. Whether you are addicted to sugar or chocolate or alcohol or cakes, your lifestyle tells us that food is at the bottom of the pile and all you care about is ingesting something that is going to give you absolute pleasure.

Snack Fiend

Snack Fiend

Food is important to you but you don't really have time to dedicate to it. You are careful about eating healthily so you feel strong but you also value your social life so you usually just grab something on the run.

Conscious Consumer

Conscious Consumer

Food is your social activity and you revolve your life around food. Your lifestyle is totally balanced as you always make sure you create time for food in the day. You love to cook everything from scratch and whatever social activities entail they will always include food and something home-made!