Are You An Animal Whiz And Can You Tell Us Which Animal Is More Dangerous?

Let's see how roaring to go you are!

Created By Lp1987
On Jun 1, 2018

The Cape Buffalo or a Rhinoceros?

The Pola Bear or The Hippo

Boomslang or Black Mamba?

Puffer Fish or Great White Shark?

Snowball, a Hyena or a Komodo Dragon?

Blue Ringed Octopus or African Lion?

Nile Crocodile or Jumping Spider

Jellyfish or Grizzly Bear?

Tsetse Fly of a Wolf?

The African elephant or the Mosquito?

Animal Whiz

Animal Whiz

You were probably the best one in your Biology class. You know how nature works and you can recognize the danger in any animal you see. Some might call you genius but you know that is only hard work and of course that extra level of wisdom that your mother was always talking about.

Animal Connoisseur

Animal Connoisseur

You know the basics of the Animal Kingdom, you totally can see the difference between a crocodile and an alligator but did you know that the last answer was Mosquito? You probably didn´t expect that. Keep watching documentaries, you will get better!

You picked the wrong test

You picked the wrong test

You are that person that approach a wild pig just to take a selfie, don´t do it, please!! Your knowledge about the animal world has the same level as mine about medicine, if there is an accident I would never pretend to know what to do, so please place your energy where should be: in anything else.