Could You Throw The Ultimate 90's Birthday Party?

Time to go back to the past and throw one HELL of a party. Could you actually pull it off though? That is our question.

Created by Lp1987
On Sep 10, 2017

What do you play music on?

What would be your first party game?

What camera are you taking pictures with?

What pens are your writing your invites with?

What are you playing for the first dance?

What are you putting in your party bags?

What are you putting on the drinks tables?

What is your sugary pick you up?

90's PARTY Popper!

90's PARTY Popper!

You would throw the most amazing 90's party today! You just proved to us that you know everything there is to know about the 90's and you would have all the love hearts and panda pops on the table. Pass the parcel would rule the count and you would be playing Twister for days. Get out your party bags and start prepping!

90's PARTY Pooper!

90's PARTY Pooper!

Unfortunately you are probably a modern day Millie and didn't grow up in the 90's. You prefer Little Mix to All Saints and you prefer healthy snacks such as coconut water instead of panda pops. Sugar is not high on your party agenda and you listen to your pop music on an iPod.

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