Could You Actually Survive On A Desert Island?

How good are your SOS skills? Let's see if you could ACTUALLY survive on a desert island!

Created by Lp1987
On Feb 25, 2016

Which water is safest to drink?

Where would you look for food?

How would you try and get help on the island?

What would be your best resource on the island?

What couldn't you live without on the island?

Which bug would be your best friend?

Where would you sleep?

Which item would be most useful to you?

Bear Grylls Survivor

Bear Grylls Survivor

You are a true wildebeast at heart and could survive for years on a desert island. A true SOS survivor, you love adventure and facing a challenge– Bear Grylls eat your heart out.

Shipwrecked Survivor

Shipwrecked Survivor

You would last a few weeks on a desert island but the salty water and heat would eventually get to you. You have basic SOS skills that you picked up from the TV - but, it's likely that after a few weeks, you the isolation would get you and you'd tragically attempt to swim your way to safety.

Dead Islander

Dead Islander

Unfortunately, you wouldn’t last more than a few days on a desert island. You hate any extreme weather condition and love all your luxury comforts making a desert island the worst place on earth for you.

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