Could Harry Potter Save You From Your Darkest Demons?

How many demons do you have and will Harry be able to save you?

Created by Lp1987
On Sep 17, 2018

How often do you reflect on your fears?

What scares you the most?

Are you willing to let everything overtake you?

Do you practise any form of self help?

What is your greatest fear?

Do you ever feel you can't do things because of your fears?

If you are in a difficult situation who do you turn to?

How do your fears manifest?

Which eyes would you consider a loyal companion?

What do the ghosts in your head tell you?

Harry Saves the Day!

Harry Saves the Day!

Judging on your answers, Harry Potter would be able to save you from your darkest demons. The most important thing is that you could tell us your deepest fears and when communication is that clear there is nothing that can't be achieved. Harry would be able to save you because you would give him access to all your secret codes and have an honest open heart.

Tacking Demons Away!

Tacking Demons Away!

Harry would be able to fight away some of your demons but not all of them! You would let Harry know what your biggest fears are so he could challenge them but there are still some deep and dark secrets hiding. He won't be able to help you until you confront them yourself.

The Demons Strike Back

The Demons Strike Back

You have still got a lot of work to do and unfortunately Harry won't be able to save you from your demons this time. You need to go deep into your soul and really search for the answer to your problems. Once you have found them come back to us and Harry can banish them away!