Can You Recognize Your Magic Witch Powers?

How much do you radiate your inner force of nature. Did you know how much power you hold within witch doctor?

Created by Lp1987
On Mar 17, 2019
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What is rustling up in your cauldron?

What do you feel like crystals do for you?

What type of tea might you drink?

Do you ever cast spells in your mind?

What book might you be reading right now?

What light are you drawn too?

What magic stars are you

What kind of potion do you want?

Herbs and spices are for...

Wonderous Witch

Wonderous Witch

Congratulations, you have just proven to us that you are fully aware of your magic powers and really understand your inner witch power. You know how to get what you want and master the universe in your own unique and special way. Some might call you mysterious but you are just hyper aware of your power and ability to get what you want by just listening to your inner intuition. Hold your power and share it with others that truly deserve it.

Witchy Feelings

Witchy Feelings

You radiate a magical glow and understand that you hold an inner power but you don't really understand what it is or how to use it. You are drawn to certain elements and people in life but you don't know what it is about them that makes you want them. If you tuned in a little more to what your body is saying and breathing you would be able to jump onto your true witch power.



You associate the word witch with something that you think appears at Halloween. What you don't realize that we are all witches inside and we all are radiating a power that we need to take charge off. Witches don't actually look like this but they are glowing inside of all of us. Take a look inside and you will see.