Where Is Your Soulmate Right Now?

We turned on our GPS to tell you where you should look.

Created By Lp1987
On Oct 16, 2018

How would you decribe the person you are looking for?

When you think of your perfect honeymoon, which place would you pick?

What about your dream house?

What are you expecting to find in life?

Choose a colour....

Do you want a life based on acheiving big goals or a more relaxed one?

What kind of personality are you looking for in your soulmate?

What are your favorite activities on the weekend?

You feel sad and lonely, you expect your partner to...

Beach Life

Beach Life

Your soulmate is waiting for you on some Caribbean island. Could be Martinique, Isla Grande os maybe Guadalupe? You have to find it for yourself but we are sure that he/she is waiting for you to have long walks on the beach looking into the sunset, drinking Piña Coladas and sharing a quiet and happy life together. Stop looking somewhere else and buy that ticket NOW!

Mountain Affair

Mountain Affair

We know that you would love the tranquility and stability of those beautifull small towns in the Alps, and your soulmate loves it too. Don´t think twice about it and take that plane, train or boat, it doesn´t matter how you get there just go! What is important is that he/she is there in a small house in the woods probably waiting for you to ring that bell. Do It!

City Slicker

City Slicker

What is clear is that you don´t want to be stuck in a easy life doing nothing the whole day. You have big goals in life and you want someone that has them too, and we all know for that to happen you have to be in a big city where opportunities are. Maybe you haven´t found your soulmate where you are right now but we suggest you buy a ticket and try one new. Love hides in the strangest places so take the risk.