Are You Truly A Progressive Mind?

Created By Lp1987
On Sep 11, 2018
Do you believe that western medicine is the only way forward?For certain thingsNoYesWhat are your thoughts on polyamory? I could never do thatI have had a threesome but I can't do itMore lovers the merrierWhat are your dietary requirements? Anything that looks goodVeganVegetarianWhat do you feel about the death penalty?It is inhumanI think in some casesI agreeWhen you think of power who does it belong to?YourselfAuthoritiesKingsDo you believe in that word 'energy'? YesThere is energy in electricityOverused and overratedWhat is your ideal living situation?House with familyHouse with friendsCommuneWhat happens when we pass? You dieYou become one with allYour go to heavenHow do you feel about work?Part-time9-5FreelanceWhat is over the fence?A new chapterThe unknownA risk