Are You Someone Who Starts Things Or Finishes Them?

We all know how hard it is in life to make decisions but this quiz will tell us how good you are at starting ideas and how good you are at finishing them which is often the hardest part of the job.

Created by Lp1987
On Oct 31, 2018

You have a trip planned in your head, do you make it happen or does another trip occur instead?

You are decorating your house and start with one room, what happens next?

If you have a great work idea, what happens to it

You are about to set sail on the boat of your dreams, where does it take you?

When you leave the shower you...

You start writing your christmas cards and plan to get them all done in a day, does this happen?

If you are following a path, where do you follow it?

Your year looks...

How many projects have you started in the last year?

How many projects have you completed in the last year?



Well done you are definitely an ideas person and love starting new projects. In fact you have projects coming out of your ears and eyes. Creation and idea is your strong point but what you find often happens is that these ideas end up left at a mid-way point as you think of a new idea before finishing the old one.



You are diligent and precise and will often think of one strong idea a year and finish it to the very end. You love detail and pay attention to everything. What is very important in your stratosphere is making sure the finished product is good so well done!