Are You Actually An Illuminati Member?

Let's see if we can guess if you are a member of the famous secret society!

Created By Lp1987
On Mar 29, 2017

Where do you live?

Pick a word

What does this hand sign mean?

Pick a name for the devil

Do you have any of these surnames?

Who would be your best friend?

What kind of university did you go to?

What does this mean?

Illuminati: Confirmed

Illuminati: Confirmed

You are a definite member of the Illuminati, a secret organisation that includes the most powerful and influential people of the world. When you're not hobnobbing with celebrities and politicians in secret meetings, you're casually altering the course of history with your devious dealings. The New World Order has begun and you are a part of it.

On the outskirts

On the outskirts

You have close links and ties to the world’s most secret society but you are not directly involved just yet. Don't worry though, you're being vetted, thoroughly. Just keep up blindly following whatever your Illuminati pals keep telling you to and you'll be on the inside in no time. It'll all be worth it when you see the parties they throw - and, of course, all the power and influence that comes with it.

Not illuminati

Not illuminati

You are definitely not a member of the Illuminati. You're just a regular joe, one of the ordinary little people living their lives the best they know how, without trying to manipulate the world into being exactly how they want it to be. It's cool, you're living your best life - and maybe you will change the world - but if you do, it'll be through the force of your personality, ambition and charm - not just because you belong to a weird huge secret society.