Are You A True Adventurer?

This test will tell us how far you would go for new experiences.

Created By Lp1987
On Aug 7, 2018

Do you search for new places to discover when you plan your holidays or you prefer to go to the same place every year?

Which of these places would you choose if someone offered you a free ticket?

You define yourself as...

If we offer you to take you to any destination you like, but you have to leave tomorrow. What would be your answer?

Would you go on holiday alone?

How many continents have you been to so far?

In your past life you were most likely...

Your ideal way of dying would be...

Your favorite bizarre pet would be...

Your favorite movie...



You are the ultimate explorer! You like to discover new places every time you can and you would always choose new feelings, flavours and people than being surrounded always by what you already know. Your adventurer soul is going to take you farther and farther all the time. For you, there is no end or destination because what you appreciate is the path and the experiences on the road not at the end of them.

Comfort Traveler

Comfort Traveler

You are not exactly the most adventurous person, but that is fine. You enjoy feeling safe and being surrounded by what you know but also enjoy to take, from time to time a little bit of risk and do new stuff. You are in the perfect place of balance between enjoying your comfort zone but also being curious about new experiences.

Safe Zone Addict

Safe Zone Addict

We can see that you really don´t want to risk even a small part of your comfort, right? You enjoy being safe and surrounded by the people and places you know. That's fine but it is good to break the ice sometimes in life, get out of the comfort zone and discover new things. You will be amazed with the new places and experiences you can find.