Are you a Lone Wolf In This World?

We can tell with 10 questions everything we need to know about your social habits.

Created By Lp1987
On Aug 7, 2018

Every time your birthday comes you ....

How many hands do you need to count the people you like...

Choose an image.

How many different activities do you have per week?

How do you see yourself in 15 years?

What's your favourite sport?

How many hours a day do you spend talking on your phone, chatting or on social media?

What was your favorite school class?

In your past life you were most likely...

Your ideal vacation plan would be...

Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf

You are a proud lonely wolf. You find yourself so interesting that why hang out with other people, right? It is not that you don't like to be surrounded by other human beings in fact we know you really don' so why lie to yourself? Enjoy solitude, there is so much to learn from ourselves.

Social Dog

Social Dog

You have an intermedium level of socialization. You like to see your friends and enjoy a nice talk with a stranger but you don´t need to be surrounded by people all the time or to talk to the first person you cross to make some conversation. Balance is important in life and you have the perfect one related to socials.

Social Leopard

Social Leopard

In the same way a leopard hunts for its prey you hunt for social interaction. You cannot avoid it - you like people, you like to talk with them, you love to be surrounded by friends and also strangers. That´s how you are, we are proud of you. Now go and call all the friends you have been on this screen for too long.