How Much Do You Really Know About The British Empire?

Everyone's heard of the British Empire, but do you actually know anything about it?

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On Jul 1, 2016
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The British Empire began with maritime explorations in which century?

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After which war did most of Britain's territories become independent?

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Which of these was once part of the empire?

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The loss of which colonies meant that the 'first British Empire' came to an end?

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The Empire is now gone, but remnants of it still exist. Which of these is NOT a British Dependent Territory?

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What was Ghandi'€™s tactic to prevent bloodshed following the British withdrawal from the Indian subcontinent?

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What was the South Sea Bubble, which rocked the Empire in the early 18th century?

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Which island became Britain's first slave colony in the Caribbean?

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Which country's colonies were given to Britain by the Treaty of Versailles in 1919.

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Complete this sentence: "The ___ never ___ on the British Empire".

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What is the name of the first colony in North America?

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This island was England's first overseas colony.

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Which year was slavery outlawed in all British colonies?

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