Can You Name These Healing Herbs For A Better Soul?

How well do you know your medicinals? Are you a medical forensic or a herbal hedonist?

Created by Lp1987
On Oct 16, 2018

This herb enhances memory and concentration.

This brown spice can cure lower your blood sugar

This is a super-spice that has amazing anti-inflammatory properties.

This plant has a high level of anti-oxidants.

This herb is great for healing stomach problems

This herb is known to help with anxiety and sleep problems.

This leaf will help with joint pain.

This spice will boost your metabolism.

This herb has been known to reduce stress

This root will really boost your sex drive.

Healing Guru

Healing Guru

Your herbal knowledge is beyond words and you are the ultimate healing guru! People need your healing flavours to feel better about the world and if you are ever sick or in need of some traditional remedies you are there with all the sage at heart!

Herbal Hedonist

Herbal Hedonist

You love to drink matcha tea in the morning and have camomile before bed but you are a hedonist at heart and love to have fun. Drinking and having fun are high on your agenda so whatever you might feel with your herbal remedies they definitely counter balance your energy but they might not be healing the complete soul!

Medical Forensic

Medical Forensic

You are quite alienated to the world of herbs and tend to jump to an ibuprofen or paracetamol when you feel bad. If you can't sleep, sleeping pills might be your best friend and lavender might just be a garden plant. Time to brush up on your herbal knowledge and learn about the laws of the land.