How Curvy You Are Determines Your Intellect!

Does your curvy body actually shape your intelligence?

Created by Lp1987
On May 8, 2018

Which fruit do you think resembles your body shape?

What vegetable resembles your booty shape?

How do you find the best way to study?

What would you describe as intellect?

Which dress would best suit your body?

What do you find most attractive in another human being?

What would you describe your body shape as?

What do you prefer to do with your body?

Which of these numbers is a prime number?

Curvilicious Creative

Curvilicious Creative

You are a curvy curvy soul and this represents that you are a creative intellect. You strive your human being and nature off being creative and learning from others through art forms. Whether it be singing, dancing or communicating, your intellect is creative and you should express your feelings and ideas through any of these art forms.

Shapely Soul

Shapely Soul

Your shapely soul proves that your intellect is best felt when you are in a quiet environment. You are academic and love studying in quiet environments. Lectures, talks and workshops are what drive you and you thrive in these fields.

Athletic Architect

Athletic Architect

You are best moving your body and your intellect is show through logic and accomplishment. You love to have a routine and feel like your body is your temple. You express your intellect through rationality and logic. If there is a problem you will solve it and this is how you express intellect.

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