Are You The Music Guru And Can You Name These Musical Founders Of Each Genre?

Are you the best option to be in charge of the music at your friend´s party?

Created By Lp1987
On Jun 1, 2018

Who is this pioneer of Rock and Roll music?

Who started the classical movement?

Some say he was born in France but most would think he is Argentinean...

The King

Who are these 3 fellas?

This one did it his way...

Kind of blue?

Can you name this man in black?

He was also the king..

This one will cheer you up...

Music Guru

Music Guru

Wow! That was impressive! There are people that really know about music but your level is really something else. You know about every gender on earth, you have a master making playlists for every occasion. You probably also spend half of your money going to concerts. We believe that for someone like you enjoying music should be free!. Congratulations!

Music Enthusiast

Music Enthusiast

That was really good! You are almost a Music Guru, you just have to put a little bit of effort and listen to those old records from your parents to expand your gender knowledge. We recomend also 3 hour per day of Classical music and 2 more of Jazz for 2 weeks!

Food Lover

Food Lover

We really want to encourage you to fight for anything you want in life, except this, please! How could you miss that? We are sure you are very good at cooking os something else but we hope no one ever put you in charge of the music!