Are You Really A Shy Person? This Test Will Define Your Real Social Skills!

Don´t be shy! We won´t tell anyone.

Created By Lp1987
On Jun 12, 2018

Do you prefer to share a cab or to take it by yourself?

What is your idea of a perfect celebration?

If you have to choose one of these professions which one would you prefer?

When you arrive at a party. What is the first thing you do?

What do you do if you have to wait in a long line?

When you are divided into groups you always end up being...

What´s your perfect friday night plan?

Would you approach a stranger you like?

Which word makes you feel more comfortable

Would you actually like to have better social skills?

Social Leopard

Social Leopard

You are in the highest level of the Pyramid of Social Skills. For you, it is not only easy to establish relationships and talk to people, but also a pleasure. Take advantage of it. It is easier for someone like you to succeed in what you want than to the rest of the mortals. But also be careful, sometimes charm can also be tricky. We know you want to leave the screen and go to talk to someone! Do it!



For sure you enjoy a nice talk. You are the perfect balance between someone that enjoys the social interactions and also some privacy and time for yourself. Networking is easy for you, but sometimes also want to be alone and listen some music.

Shy Sheep

Shy Sheep

You already knew this, right? Yes, you are shy. You probably had to learn how to live with it. Sometimes its harder to make new relationaships (especially because you don´t want to) but because we all have to, is good to force yourself and learn some tricks. Small talk is not that terrible, and sometimes you star to talk about the weather and it ends in something much more interesting. Try it!