Is Your Mind Older Than Your Body?

Age Is A Matter Of Attitude

Created By Lp1987
On Jul 24, 2018

At what time do you usually go to sleep?

When you have to choose what to eat, what do you have in mind?

Are you a spontaneous person or you prefer to have everything planned in life?

What is your perfect saturday night plan?

What plays often in your shuffle list?

Choose one image that makes you feel comfortable

How would you define your social life?

What is your usual time to wake up on weekends?

What is your priority in life?



Yes! That's the answer. You are probably younger than that but your mental age is the same as my grandfather. He is a wise man so everything depends on how you and how you want to live your life. This is wise advice and it is good to enjoy every step of the journey but don't feel like you need to go too fast!



Your mental age is 30. The best age! You like to enjoy the good things in life but can also understand your limitations and take some time for the important stuff.

Forever Young

Forever Young

Yes! We know it is good to be young at heart even if your body says something different. We all have to enjoy the good things in life and take advantages of our possibilities but also take care of ourselves and understand our limitations.