How Much Of A Geographical Pilot Are You?

Could you fly across the world and land?

Created By Lp1987
On May 8, 2018

Where in the world is Bahrain?

What country did the Incan civilisations belong to?

How long does it take to travel across the Atlantic by boat from London to NYC?

Where is the most bio-diverse country on the planet?

Which is the most difficult terrain to survive in?

What is the capital of Malta?

What kind of clouds are these?

How long would it take you to walk from Paris to Moscow?

Which mountains are these?

What countries are in Oceania?

Pioneering Pilot

Pioneering Pilot

You are a pioneering pilot who knows the world like the back of your own hand. You love to fly and discover everything. You know all corners of the globe and there is nothing you enjoy more than learning and soaring across the seven seas.

Far away flights

Far away flights

You like to step across the pond and know your geographical surroundings very well. You are curious and like to learn but you haven't flown the nest completely. We can help you brush up on your skills! Keep taking our quizzes and learn more!

Home waters

Home waters

You haven't stepped off the boat for a while and might not be the pioneering explorer that one thinks. No worries though, being a pioneer or explorer is not one of your hobbies and there is always time to learn more about this universe.