Could You And Your Partner Conquer The World?

How much of a power couple are you and your partner? Could you go the far ends of the world to conquer it.

Created By Lp1987
On Jan 18, 2018

Do you and your partner ever compete?

Who would be the first to win a marathon?

How would you travel the world if you had plans on conquering it?

What sort of relationship would you say you are in?

How often do you do things together as a couple alone?

Do you eat dinner together often?

How many passions and hobbies do you share?

Could you rough it if you had to?

How often do you communicate with your partner in crime?

How do you and your partner walk?

World Conquerers

World Conquerers

You and your partner are a match made in heaven. There is nothing on this planet that can tear you apart and you live in complete awe of one another. You are the modern day Bonnie and Clyde and there 'ain't no mountain high enough' that could stop you two diving and conquering every nation and heart on this planet.

William the Conquerer

William the Conquerer

You and your partner both love each other profusely but your relationship is best kept when you are both working on what you love. You are both polar opposites and what makes this relationship so strong is your love for each other's differences, however travelling and conquering the world is not the one for you both. Let's leave this one for William while you two love birds warm the nest.