10 Simple Questions That Will Tell Us If You Are a Grumpy Person

Are you related to Shrek in any way?

Created By Lp1987
On Jul 8, 2018

If your neighbours are having a party. What do you do?

When you have a problem at home what is your normal reaction?

Do you suffer from road rage?

Do you like having guests at home?

How is your average personality normally?

What do you feel about kids?

How do you feel about your social life?

Are you happy with your job?

Are you motivated about life?

How do you feel about this image?

Grumpy as hell!

Grumpy as hell!

You are the grumpiest person here! You have to know it. We are not saying that is bad, is just a little bit annoying. Maybe you are not the best person to have around. I don't know, maybe you prefer that because you don´t like people right? Or maybe you do but you don't want to accept it? Is it that? Are you pretending to be grumpier and moodier than you actually are? Come on we have all had good days and bad days! Time to put a smile on that mug!

Just in the middle

Just in the middle

We all have our good days and bad days! We can all try a little bit harder and be a bit more smiley. We cannot control everything but at least we can try to have a good attitude towards the things that make us mad.

The happiest one around!

The happiest one around!

You have happiness as a superpower. You are kind of joyful person that takes everything with calm and a smile. Thank god to you and all the other mortals. Sometimes you get tired of soaking up all the bad vibes from the rest of the world and always answering with a smile, but believe me, we all want to be like you. Please keep smiling for the good of planet earth!