How much do you know about numbers?

How much do you know about numbers? We challenge you to take this quiz in order to find out. Let the game begin!

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On Jul 7, 2015
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In which of the following countries does the number 8 mean prosperity, success and high social status. Because of this, business men favor it very much.

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In this country, even numbers are considered unlucky and odd numbers are lucky. Don't give someone an even number of flowers as a gift!

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Considered the luckiest number in the western hemisphere. Sometimes called the heavenly number.

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This number is considered the unluckiest number in most cultures. Even some buildings will be missing this particular floor due to superstition.

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What number is considered unlucky in Japan because it has the same pronunciation as agony or torture which is “ku.”

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This number is considered lucky in many cultures. A part of the saying “All good things come in groups of __________.”

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According to Norse mythology this number is considered sacred.

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Anyone looking for luck should know this one: how many leaves on a 'lucky' clover?

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What does Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia mean?

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