Which Character from The School for Good and Evil are you?

Try to escape, you'll always fail... the only way out is through a fairy tale.

Lord Sauron
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Oh no, You find yourself lost in the woods!
What do you do?

Pick a classic read. What interests you?

Sleeping Beauty is a fairy tale almost everyone and their mother knows and (probably) loves. Pick a retelling of this well-known tale...

Now, for the must-have question in almost every personality quiz... pick your favorite of the colors below!

Pick your favorite album. (Or the one with the nicest album cover if you haven't heard of any of them.)

Your closest friend is feeling depressed because they have recently suffered the loss of a family member that they were very close with. What do you do?

Do you believe in True Love?

Once upon a time, there was....



You are charming, giddy, flamboyant, and fashionable, just like the fabulous Sophie! You seem like the perfect candidate for the next Snow White or Cinderella at first, but your soul is truly evil. After all, things are not always as they seem...



You are humble, sweet, kind-hearted, quiet, and gentle just like the clever Agatha! You seem like you would be the perfect candidate for an evil, child-eating witch who lives alone in the woods, but your soul is truly good. After all, things are not always as they seem...



You are valiant, handsome, and brave just like the virtuous Tedros! You are every princess' dream boy, and you are as dreamy as princes get. Your soul is pure good, and you would rather die than do evil deeds. But be careful, for things are not always as they seem.

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